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Artist Statement

When I was a child I would spend the night watching the white moon and stars against the dark sky.  I would imagine the birth of the cosmos, witnessing countless stars whose light originated billions of years ago and its workings of a marvelous, unimaginable world.


No matter how small or large a role within the cycle of life, each and every creature born emits a powerful light.  The light, full of love, grows without abandonment, free beyond imagination, incessant in the creation and pursuit of love and peace.  


Every time I gaze at the moon and starlight in the night sky, the daily weariness, anxiety, human suffering, and the world's never-ending battles are quietly and peacefully lifted, released.  Feelings of love and serenity fill me, resuming their place within the depths of the psyche.  


To this day, I am astounded by the universe and the fact of being alive.  I am reminded to cherish this life and the Now.  The stars, moon, sun, and planets that I paint on the canvas are no different than each of us on this small planet we call Earth.  Each work is a form of meditation from which I can tap into its power, the energy of the cosmos and its light which pours onto humanity, guides me in my creative visions. 

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